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COVID-19 & Pickup & Delivery

COVID-19 And Laundry Pickup & Delivery

July 03, 2020


Laundry pickup and delivery is becoming more and more popular at laundromats throughout the country.  Rather than shopping at local stores, people are using Amazon to purchase items they need.  Rather than going to the grocery store, customers are having their food delivered.  Most grocery stores have a delivery service these days.  We've had pizza and chicken delivery for years.  Now we have delivery companies bringing restaurant food to your home.  Laundry is the latest to go with a pickup and delivery service.

Families of today are busier than ever.  Most two adult homes have both people working full time.  Single family homes are all working.   When a person comes home to their family from a day of work, they can cook, clean and do laundry or with delivery services, they can help the kids with their homework and sit back and enjoy the family.  

In addition,  many professional people are not working 8 hour days.  They need to come home and continue the job.  And as hard as we try, it's impossible to do it all.  Something has to give.

With laundry pickup and delivery, people are starting to give up doing laundry themselves.  They're scheduling a pickup, leaving a bag or two of clothing for the driver, and getting it back the following day all washed, folded, and packaged.  They're saving hours of time that they don't have to spare.

When Covid-19 began, many customers were hesitant to walk into a laundromat with other people around.  Even exceptionally clean laundromats were suspect.  This virus has made laundry pickup and delivery even more popular because pickup and delivery can be done without contact.  

Our lives have changed and are so much busier than ever before.  Laundry pickup and delivery takes one of the weekly chores away from you.  It's just a few hours a week, but what could you do with the extra time?  This is the wave of the future that you can try today!  

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