About Ellie’s Spin N Wash

Ellie’s Spin N Wash is a family owned pair of laundromats; one in Waukegan and one in Morton Grove.  We first got into the business just a few years ago when we purchased our first laundromat.

Previously, I had been an accountant.  I loved the work, but when I had an idea to make things work better, they let me know my job was the accounting and not to come up with “better ideas”.  I knew then that if I wanted some control, I would have to have my own business.   So, we purchased this laundromat and completely renovated it.  We want our laundromats to be the cleanest laundromats with the best equipment and friendliest attendants around.


General Information

Ellie’s Quick Wash

5910 Lincoln Avenue

Morton Grove, IL 60085

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 Open Daily: 6am to 9pm

General Information

Ellie’s 24hr Spin n’ Wash

1819 Grand Avenue

Waukegan, IL 60085

 (847) 360-9406

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 Open 24 Hours